Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday // Carter Mountain

What a delicious weekend for us! The weather was great and we all got to catch up on some much needed family time.

Sunday greeted us with some much needed simplicity. I made T.J. wake up at the crack of dawn-- 6:30 a.m., and try and catch a rare eclipse outside. As in 1,280 years rare. it was the first of four that was supposed to happen and I was so thrilled. My alarm went off and I immediately put on layers and started the coffee. MMMM coffee, those beautiful swirls of smooth flavorful love....ahhhhh.

But back to the story- I made coffee, rushed T.J. outside still half asleep and what did we see?? Nothing. I thought it could be something romantic and cute to do together, but we saw nothing. boooooo. So T.J. made bloody mary's and I made muffins.

Everyone showered and got dressed to venture out to Carter Mountain Orchard where we have taken Jack every year. First stop on the way- Starbucks. Duh. Anywho It's so fun to pick apples, drink cider, eat apple doughnuts, and rifle through the numerous local jams, jellies and sauces.

The drive up to the mountain is absolutely gorgeous. The colors on the trees are breathtaking and you can see them for miles once you reach the top. It was the perfect time to go. The distance was flawless- only about an hour. Just enough time for Jack to sing the entire way there and get a little cat nap in on the way back. T.J. and I acted like little kids while Jack slept and played the alphabet game.And we actually got to speak to each other without a toddler interrupting every 5 seconds. It was weird. And Splendid. All at the same time. It was a great little day trip for us.

Cheers to the weekend!!

Oh and since it's November, everyday couple days I ask Jack what he is thankful for. Here's how it went.

Me: "Since Halloween is over has Ms. Amy talked to you about the holiday Thanksgiving at school?
Jack: "Yes."
Me: " Can you tell me something you are very thankful for?"
Jack: 'My washing machine."

I have to keep this going, his answers are pure, innocent, and candid. I'm so thankful for him and blessing me with being his mama.