Monday, November 11, 2013

Etsy & DIY decor

Cheers!  I opened my Etsy shop and cannot wait to start this little hobby! I have been crafting for forever, but my favorite thing to give as presents are handmade items. I personally LOVE handmade items as gifts. I feel people who give them put a whole lot of thought and love into making them for someone special.

Right now I have homemade natural sugar scrubs, but I will be adding lip scrubs, and scented candles. Please stop by my shop and check it out. I added it to my left sidebar, but the address is

OK! on to my little DIY craft. Just so you know, I will spray paint ANYTHING in my house! Frames, bottles, mirrors, vases- You name it! It can change the look of something instantly and it's very inexpensive!
Here are some of my favs:
The fumes are a little much, so I always go outside to spray my items. I had an old Folgers canister that was empty that I sprayed with the blue spray paint. A couple coats and it was done. Now it's used to old my K cups and looks totally cute on my coffee bar!
Glass vases are my next obsession. It's just so easy and you can totally change a room just by adding a little color



But my absolute FAV is my old mirror that I sprayed with chalkboard paint. I took it outside, taped off the edges, an gave it two or three coats of chalkboard paint. It's now in our kitchen do Jack can draw and color while we make dinner! LOVE it!