Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jack Wilson- 3 1/2.

OK everyone. I have survived giving birth, having C-section, breast feeding, bottles, diapers, baby eczema, diaper rash, 101 degree fevers, shots, check ups, planning three birthday parties, the "no" phase, terrible twos, potty training, all nighters, running to CVS at 3 am because I just swear he needs gas drops(come to find out he was screaming because the hole was blocked in the nipple from formula coming out), and everything else that goes with raising a little man, BUT this is the hardest age y'all.

3 1/2.

Yeah, I said it. he's like an a tiny adult with an attitude, but wears SpongeBob underwear and t-shirts with sayings like, "My Dad Rocks". He has found his voice and will ask a million things/say the craziest things. 

Just when I thought the days were getting easier...... He can feed himself, dress himself, help with chores, communicate his needs/wants/fears....

It doesn't get easier folks. Now are the days of "why", "how come", "where do babies come from" "why do boys have pee pees and girls don't?"

I'm telling you, I don't know how to answer some of these questions and everyday I get blindsided by what he's going to ask. Every. Day. 

Keep in mind I do work 40hrs a week, so once I pick him up from daycare, until the time he goes to bed, I get asked a million things. The things he says makes me literally laugh out loud. 

So I made a list, since I am the queen of lists. These are the kind of questions/statements I get asked today.

"Why you lookin at me like that daddy Gilbert?"

*cartoon character falls off a cliff* 
Jack- "oh no, the party's over."

*hands me a spatula*
Jack- "here, let's flip krabby patties."

"mommy i'm boring." (I'm bored)

Jack-"can I have a snack"
Me-"no, not right now."
Jack-"because you never fun."

"why are all the girl toys pink? Some like purple."

"I'm thankful for snowmans today because it's almost cwismas."

"this is ridiculous."

I love him.