Getting all sentimental on you guys, sorry! I'm having a hard time with having a second baby. I'm worried about Jack and his feelings. I tell him every day, "You are my best friend." Or, " You are my favorite person ever!" Can I keep saying that with two? How do I not say that to him every day?
Jack Wilson Gilbert-
You changed everything. You turned me into a mom. You made me stronger and more independant.
And even though you will no longer be my only child, you will always be my first.
You're the first one to make me forget myself. You're the first person I ever said "I love you" to more than a million times in one day. You're the first human whose temperature I took, whose nose I wiped, and whose projectile vomit I was too tired to clean up and just sort of slept in.
With you, I made my first-time mom mistakes, like letting you roll off the bed onto the floor. Who knew you could roll?
Our baby's coming soon, and while you may not be my only child anymore, you'll probably be the only child who knows what it's like to have my undivided attention. Because how do I ever stop myself from thinking about you?
This realization gives me the guilts, but then again, your sister will have some advantages. I can't imagine she will ever be bored or lonely for long --  I can't wait to watch her watching you.
You. You were my first newborn, infant, toddler and preschooler -- and you're the one who continues to surprise me every day.  You're in all my thoughts and dreams, and every wish I make upon a star.
So when you're feeling frustrated because I'm nursing your sister instead of playing "fight the dragons" or playing cars, know that there is more than enough love for both of you, because of the ever-expanding place in my heart that you made.
You, you, you. You will always be my first.
your mama