Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hello spring!

March, keep doing what you're doing. This weekend was so lovely. The sun was shining and we spent the entire Sunday playing outside. It felt so good not to dress in layers! Here's a little glimpse into our Sunday: 

We started off our early morning with a trip to the car wash to get the winter off my car. Jack was squealing the whole time!

Next stop- Playground! This will soon be Jack's playground for school next year!

Tj let me have a solo trip to target- woohoo! I originally went in for lip gloss but came back with clothes for me, Jack, the baby, and a present for T. Oh, and chalk! So it was back outside to decorate our sidewalk. 

Our Land of Nod bedding/pillow/diaper change cover came in so we washed them and put them in their place-- in love!

After that we went for an afternoon walk where Jack pretended to be a ninja turtle the entire time while collecting treasures. 

Aaaaand someone was upset to come in for the day! Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay!