Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday night date night

T.J. was off on a Friday (eeeeeee! This happens.....never). We got off work, picked up the bebe, and headed down to Carytown like normal people do on Friday nights. We almost never get to spend time together since T.J. works two jobs and we are always on the run. We ate at the cutest restaurant right across the street from the Byrd theater. I totally recommend the Patsy Cline burger. Jalapenos, cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce...o-m-g! And we made it before happy hour ended? it's the little things you guys!

After we stuffed out bellies, we looked across the street and Despicable Me 2 was playing tonight--- actually in 10 mins! We couldn't have planned it better. we ran across the street, stocked up on popcorn and snow caps, and grabbed our seats. Sadly after the popcorn was demolished, Jack couldn't sit still. We got to see half of it (mini victory!) I actually think T.J. was sad to leave- he was really into Gru!

All in all it was a simple date night. Dinner and a movie AND I had two very handsome dates. I'm just the luckiest.