Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Discoveries

I need a re do on this past weekend. They go by so fast and are always jam packed. It actually felt like spring all weekend which was amazing. Saturday TJ, Jack, and I went to look at a couple places to possibly move to. We have been debating on moving for years now. Do we stay in Richmond, the place that we are totally IN LOVE with, or move? You can't beat Richmond. We can walk to local restaurants, book stores, and coffee shops. We live in a beautiful neighborhood. We have a huge space with tons of yard for Jack to play. When we searched other places we thought, "Why would we pay $300.00 extra dollars a month for less space, no yard, and no washer and dryer?" We ultimately decided we are richmonders :) We took out money that we have been saving for a move and are going to weed out all of our hammy down furniture. We want to make our space welcoming and peaceful. We also want to make it our own. so that's that!

We also ate out more than we should this weekend, but it was sunny and gorgeous! We de-cluttered Jacks room and rearranged it. We got rid of everything in our bathroom and went to my BFF Target to pick out what we have now.

Also you have GOT to try these all natural cleaning products! The brand is Mrs. Meyers and are available at Target. They are naturally derived ingredients with essential oil. Gentle and smells amazing. I love that you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals in your house, especially with children. I bought a few hand soaps(honeysuckle and basil) and will move on to trying the counter top cleaner and floor cleaner. #teamallnatural :)