Friday, April 4, 2014

A day without a phone.

Not by choice, mind you. My cheap charger decided to break on me! Luckily, I had the day off with Jack and we could be outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. I'll admit I am totally addicted to having my phone right beside me at all times. I never want to miss a picture and I'm a little obsessed with checking instagram every hour to check up on James Franco. So yesterday was a little bit of therapy for me. A day without a phone. AHHH.... It was AMAZING! Jack and I ventured out for a walk around Carytown, stopped by a local store to grab some picnic foods for our trip to Bryan Park. We were actually the only ones at  the park, so we carefully layed out our food and soaked up the sunshine. Jack was too busy running to the slide, coming back and taking a bite of lunch, then running back to play on something else. It was so nice to just sit there, listening to him laugh. The sun was just beautiful. It's amazing what you miss out on when you're attached to a mobile device. It was actually freeing without it for once! I may do this more often! Sadly, there is no picture to go with my beautiful day, but it was sooo lovely.