Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We had such a wonderful weekend. Jack actually sat still long enough for us to listen to the entire sermon at church. Although it was rather funny that he kept asking, "Why does she keep washing his feet?" :) Referring to Mary washing Jesus' feet. I loved that he was listening, but he was speaking so loudly when the entire church was silent. He are working on sitting still/being quiet. He did a wonderful job this time occupying himself with stamps and coloring. After soaking up church, we ventured to Starbucks after church for some coffee and apple juice while waiting to go to brunch at my mom and dad's house.

Brunch at my mom's was delicious and the Easter egg hunt was a hit. 

After my mom's we headed to TJ's parents to eat more, play corn hole, and find more eggs. Easter was good to the Gilbert's :) but my absolute favorite part was soaking up the sermon at church with my 2 boys. It filled my heart with warmth and brought me back to the true meaning of Easter. 

Also I made these cute strawberry shortcakes in mason jars. I made them with angel food cake, cool whip, and strawberries. Not too many calories, right?!