Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How I know I'm closer to 30.

Today I have:

Paid my taxes!
Refinanced my vehicle for a better rate!
Chose salad over cookies
Finished my evaluation for work
Reviewed my benefits
Have chosen water over a Dr. Pepper :(
Written down everything we need to move
Thinking about making a homemade dinner tonight after working 11 hours

If this excites you, as it does for me, you are old! OMG I'm almost 30! I'm going to need to not act 30. Someone please shotgun a beer with me, do a keg stand, pull an all nigher downtown, dance on tabletops, break out some cards and play kings!!!!! Save me!!! I'm only 28!! 

But seriously.  

Let's go back to the younger days. A little flash black:

AH! That's better!