Friday, January 10, 2014

my 25th ;)

OK, OK. The gig is up. I actually turned 28. Shocker. I like to think i still look 25 though. It's a privilege to grow old and I shouldn't take it for granted.

I took off two days for my birthday. Day one I sent my boo to daycare so I could have a "me" day. For all you who haven't yet experienced motherhood, a "me" day is a day to get a haircut, get a mani, brush your hair, actually put on make-up, or even better- meet your friends for lunch and get to actually speak to them in complete sentences!!!

I had breakfast with my good friend Kristen at Lamplighter Coffee around Carytown. I love catching up and talking to adults :) I spent the rest of the day shopping and exploring.

Day two i got to spend my actual birthday with a mommy and son day. TJ made me an awesome cake. I got to eat lunch with my BFF Katherine at Panera, Jack and I snuggled for a late nap, presents at my parents, and dinner with my boo!

But first up, I had to get my free birthday drink. Gold member status!! Boop! Hi Jack!

It was such a lovely birthday. I can't wait to see where 28 takes me.