Friday, January 24, 2014


I HATE WINTER. Let me take that back. I like winter for maybe a month, but after that, it's just annoying. Especially when you have a child. That means you have to think of a bizillion activities to keep them occupied for MONTHS! Jack has been sick the past couple of days so I can't even take him out to play in it. Plus these guys are everywhere:

Like huge daggers just waiting for me. This is not suited for child safety. So we have been indoors. I have completed every puzzle, made everything out of Play-Doh, read a million books, and caught up on all my shows. WHERE IS SPRING?! I miss it. It doesn't look like the cold is letting up anytime soon. I need to snap out of this funk and get a spray tan or something! Sorry for my " I hate winter rant", but I seriously would love to be at the beach right now!!!

Staying indoors also means I made these gems! Lightly tinted cranberry flavored lip balms made with organic coconut oil, essential oil, and beeswax.