Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new!

I love new beginnings and fresh starts. I know everyone does the whole "new year" resolutions, but I'm always the one saying, "Why wait until January? Start today!"

Welllll, this did not work well for me last year. I feel like I didn't have any goals and I didn't make any during the year. So this year I will try and accomplish some resolutions. I'm not saying I will start tomorrow, buuuut very soon. Frankly, I've come to a place in my life I'm not too happy with. I'm always tired, over analyze everything, and i feel as though I am not truly living and appreciating life. 

So here it goes:

Drink more tea, less coffee.
Tea has natural energy, less calories, and is healthier. No more big macs either! 

Say yes to fun, even when I'm tired.
Being a mom and working full time is VERY tiring, but I missed out on a lot of events this year by saying no. So I will be a "yes" girl this year. 

More date nights.
We had maybe 3 this year? That is cray. We need time to reconnect and communicate, so we definitely need to make time for us. 

Reteach my mind to pray. 
Spend more time with the bible and the lord. Pray more. Read more. 

Less tv and cell.
GET OFF Social media and ride a bike, go for a walk, craft, go to the park. Enjoy the outdoors. 

More "me" time. 
More reading,manis,pedis, and exploring. 

Stay connected with friends. 
No more blame on being a mom. I take my friendships very seriously and will really work on being a better friend.  

CHEERS 2014, kick rocks 2013 :)