Monday, December 9, 2013

A lazy Sunday

Sunday's are simply needed. A day to rest, catch up with the family, and recharge. A day to unwind,sip slowly, cook something scrumptious, read a book under the covers, and cat naps. the weather has been icky with sleet and rain, but it's so lovely to have the Christmas tree on in a dim room, with candles lit, listening to the rain fall, and not having to go out in this cold, wet weather. 

We spent our Sunday cooking some delicious brownies and some delightful meatball subs(courtesy of the hubs). 

As I was catching up on my etsy site I suddenly noticed the house was quiet. Too quiet. When you have a three year old bouncing off the walls and then suddenly you hear nothing--- it's never a good sign. But something was happening that NEVER happens. Jack fell asleep at a proper nap time hour watching The Grinch. He never naps! This was amazing!!

Sunday's are the finest!

I also put up two more items on my etsy site. A coffee sugar scrub and a lemon honey facial sugar scrub. They are AMAZING! Check them out!