Friday, December 13, 2013

A Christmas performance!

Jack and the rest of his daycare had a sweet Christmas performance last night! Jack was right in the middle hitting every note, clapping for himself after each song, and didn't miss a beat when the boy next to him cried for the entire song of "Away in a Manger". You know I was in total stage mom mode getting in the front of everyone telling Jack to smile and doing all the dance moves. Omg- I'm really THAT mom! He was amazing! Sorry the pictures are blurry- it was a full house and not much room to get great pics 

Jack is in the middle in the red, next to him is his best friend Luke, and next to him is Leah. Leah is Jack's girlfriend, although last night Jack told us that she's now Chase's girlfriend. Drama in the 3 year old Panda class!