Sunday, December 7, 2014

What a weekend

I've been so ready for this weekend. TJ has been gone for an entire week for a work conference, so I was excited for him to spend the weekend with us. I was ready to get in the Christmas spirit and bake, go see lights, and have some relaxation at home. 

Unfortunately, this weekend, my car battery has left me waiting for a jump twice and Jack is sick. 

Saturday was a joyous day for working half a day and spending the rest of the day at Auto Zone and the grocery store. Sunday, Jack woke up with a swollen eye so we headed to the doctor and confirmed his first case of pink eye. Now Jack is quarantined to the house until Tuesday. 

What an eventful weekend, maybe I'll be in the Christmas spirit by next weekend. This little baby is taken a toll on my energy level so I apologize with the sporadic posts. Cooking a baby is hard work!

UPDATE: we return to the scene of the crime 6 hours later where Jack is screaming in the waiting area for 30 minutes about his ear. What seems like a lifetime later, he is now diagnosed with an ear infection and his pink eye is now in both eyes. He screamed until we were able to give him medicine. Before we reversed the car from the parking lot, he fell asleep. My heart just broke seeing him in all that pain.