Sunday, December 21, 2014


Tacky lights. I love them. TJ and I have been visiting this crazy house for 8 years. Way before marriage and children. We would drive to this place every winter and  gaze in amazement. What's even more amazing is having your child remember his favorite things from the year before and trying to find them again. Jack's favorite is the cutout grinch on top on the chimney and the sleeping Santa.

Before we left, Jack emptied his piggy bank and found 4 quarters to make a donation and to buy a cup of hot chocolate. He was so excited to pay for his own cup! We saw everything about 3 times. Jack was hopping back and forth, trying to see if he missed something. I love traditions and I love Jack getting so excited about it, just like I did the first time I went with TJ way back when we were 18!