Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Snippets // our home

We rent a teeny-tiny apartment that we love. I would much rather have a small, charming, cozy space to live in with my little family of three. We get to soak up every inch of this house and fill it with treasures, artwork, antiques, and love. There isn't a space we dont use. Our family is so close knit, that having anything bigger would seem wasteful. It is quite small and lacks a lot of storage space, but for us, smaller is better. Why would we need a huge space? Just to fill it with objects that we do not need to buy?  Our little apartment is delightfully old. Very old in fact, but this little space just emanates character. Of course we do want a house of our own someday and when we are on the hunt for the perfect abode, I'm sure it will be quaint, cozy, and tiny- just like this gem.