Monday, October 13, 2014

Traditions // Carter Mountain

There is nothing I love more than creating little traditions with my family of three. Each year, during the time the leaves are changing, we venture up the mountain in Charloettesville to pick apples. You never know what type of weather you will come in contact with, but I feel as though we've experienced it all. Extra hot, too windy, foggy and cold. We don't mind a bit. 

We drove up the little foggy mountain. The air was so crisp you could snap it with your fingers and greens in every shade imaginable offset by autumnal flashed of red and yellow. Jacks favorite part is running between the trees, finding the ripest apple, taking a huge bite, and throwing it on the ground. 

After we bought some apples and little pumpkin candies, we drove to a little spot to eat called Beer Run. TJ was in IPA heaven and I was in organic food heaven. We munched on organic nachos and sandwiches until our bellies were full and it was time to head back home. One thing I love about Richmond is that we are an hour away from the mountains and an hour away from the beach. We can have amazing day trips all year long.