Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{ELEVEN} Things

1. Coffee is my life. I do not go one day without it. If I do, I may murder someone.

2. I also exaggerate everything.
3. I do not believe in credit card debt. With all of our student loans, daycare, car payment, rent, and a million other bills, I just can't have cc debt too...I JUST CAN'T!
4. I force myself to eat breakfast every day. Even if it's 1000 calories. 

5. I literally despise cats-- and I have one.
 The litter, the clean up, everything! ugh.

6. Country is my Jam. Jack now knows every country song because I blast it at every chance I get. 
7. I do not care about designer names. I care about clearance.
8. I am so terrible about calling people back.
9. I have pumpkin fever. pumpkin lattes, cakes, oreos, creamer, rolls. You name it!

10. All of my pants range from 1-5 depending on the brand.
10. I hate talking on the phone. Texter for life!
11. I can't live without a clean house, but hate cleaning. The struggle, y'all!