Monday, September 15, 2014

Keeping it simple // fall decorating

We like to keep decorating simple in our home. Our tiny space does not allow a lot of room for storage, so we keep decorating to a minimum. Here are a few ideas ( and money savers!) to make your home autumn friendly.

- Use your imagination. Go on a crisp stroll through the neighborhood and pick up pine cones. You can place them in bowls around your home. It will be fun for your little ones to help you find them!

- Scented candles. pumpkin, cinnamon, cedar, sandalwood. Light them everyday and fill your house with fall scents. It doesn't even have to be expensive. my favorite scent in the 2.99 candles made by glade. It's so potent and smells amazing. If you want to go the more expensive route, makes soy, vegan, all natural ones that are the bomb dot com. Cabin getaway, garden frost, pumpkin roll, salted caramel! No, seriously check them out.

- Make homemade wreaths. Use festive colors that you can use all the way through Thanksgiving.Pinterest will solve all of your problems. DIY = save $$
Check it out here!

-Stock your home will cozy blankets and throws. It will make your home feel so cozy and keep you warm during the cool nights.

( you can find these at Threshold. )

- Pumpkins everywhere! big ones, little ones, gourds. Put them everywhere. little ones in the bathrooms and on the windowsills. Big ones outside. Decorate them, paint them, or let your child use markers to make their own masterpiece. 

-Big comfy socks. enough said. Oh, and terrycloth robes. extra thick!