Saturday, June 7, 2014

Looking forward- Summer

Eating- salads, fresh salsa, anything and everything cilantro

Drinking- home squeezed juice, summer cocktails

Practicing- patience and humility

Mastering- the art of not rushing and over analyzing

Learning- a new recipe

Trying- to organize my kitchen

Playing- just that. More playing. 

Finishing- laundry everyday (ha.)

Reading- a best seller. On the beach. 

Remembering- I'm only human. Moms make mistakes too

Wearing- sandals, maxis, and cut off shorts

Cooking- BBQ-ing more with friends and family

Working- a little bit less

Traveling- more. Always. 

Wanting- more family time, more lazy Sundays, and more beautiful messes

Goals are good. 

Me currently: